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Commission salespeople must receive wages, salary, drawing account, or commissions at such times as provided in the employment agreement, but they must be paid at least once a month and not later than the last day of the month following the month in which the money is earned.

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The only legal deductions from wages are those: An employer may not deduct the cost of breakage or spoiled materials from your wages, or charge you for being late.

But opening a joint account, whether with family members or business associates, has potential pitfalls, as well.

Although pooling your money may imply love or trust, the consequences of having a shared account can range far beyond what both parties expect, especially if things go sour.

In other words: the bank isn't required to pay a check more than six months old. When I became impatient and left, the manager was helping her. founded Get Rich Slowly to document his quest to get out of debt. Just smart money advice to help you reach your goals.

It sounded as if they were going to waive the overdraft fee, but there was nothing they could do about the fact that the woman was still thirty or forty dollars short in her account. Over time, he learned how to save and how to invest. He wants to help you master your money — and your life.

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