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I was right there during labor, helping her breathe, every highly intense contraction, every second of pain, right there watching the actual birth, cutting the cord and wiping the tears. *(Now don't get me wrong boys, it wasn't like I was at the end of the table, squatting like a catcher waiting for the fastball to come down the pike..😂 but as men, it's a miracle we should witness because it'll give you a whole new respect for the strength and beauty of a woman).Again, THANK YOU guys so much for all the love during this blessed time.There was a [school] show called The Evvy Awards, and it was a version of the Grammys or the Emmy Awards.Myself and this kid who called himself ‘Reality’ recorded a song—I sang and he rapped—and we ended up winning the award that year."Hashian has released two songs on Sound Cloud, “Memory” and “You Are Mine." In addition, she co-wrote “Only You” with hip-hop artist Ya Boi Shad, and dropped two music videos for 2017’s “Go Hard” and 2018’s “Samson” with Naz Yokio.Thank you guys so much for the awesome congratulatory wishes and love you've been sending @laurenhashianofficial and myself. Kinda crazy but in this cool and powerful skin to skin bonding moment with my newborn baby Jasmine, I had just one wish I asked the universe...Give me the strength to be a better man today than I was yesterday.She told in 2017 that she loves to keep "a low-key profile" for her children, especially since Johnson "spends much of his life in front of a camera." Over the weekend, the Rock posted a photo that confirmed they officially got married on August 18 in Hawaii..

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your families from ours.Honestly, if I impress him with a track then I feel accomplished, it’s true!He is an example of how anything you can imagine or dream up, you can do because he lives that way."“We were a musical family, but he would constantly say things like, ‘You guys don’t want to get into this business,’ because he had faced a lot of challenges and a lot of distrust between some people he had worked with in the past.I grew up thinking that we wouldn’t go in that direction.I really thought that I would go off and get a normal nine-to-five, but I don’t know; if you love doing something, you just find a way back to it no matter what, right?

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