Htc p3400i gene 100 rom updating

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This will take you to a 3 colored screen with your Onbl and SPL version displayed on it. It can be done using power button too but sometimes, when the phone is hanged, it needs to be done by pressing the soft reset key, situated in a small hole near the mini usb port you use for charging and headfone, using your stylus.Your phone will restart immediately without any harm.You'll loose all your emails, calender items, Todo list, sms, contacts etc. So before using this, backup your PIM data using utilities like PIM Backup by dotfred etc.To do a hard reset, shutdown your phone, Press and hold the two soft keys (the keys above the call accept and call reject keys) and press the reset button using stylus.It does no by checking for the Digital Signature of HTC on roms.

One of the possible checks for knowing that is if your phone originally came with Windows Mobile 5, its probably an old gene, and If it came with Windows Mobile 6, its probably an New Gene. This is specially true for original WM 5 ROMs In case your phone came with WM5 originally, and the version of ROM exactly with the one that was originally on your device, It wont give any problem.I request you to please read all of this before doing any furthur steps. What is the basic information about my phone that i would need to get started with this process or for troubleshooting? The basic information that you need is displayed on the white htc splash screen that shows up when you start your phone.ROM Flashing can be very dangerous if not done properly. This inludes: ONBL version, SPL version, GSM or Radio version and OS version.An optional thing that may come handy is the version number of your ROM which can be found by going to Start Device Information. Its responsible for both loading of operating system and it is also used by operating system for some low level tasks.By Default, HTC and Other Manufacturers too, design it in such a way that it does not allows custom ROMs to be flashed in the phone.

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