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After all, a resume is often the very first point of contact between you and your next potential employer.

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However, do not let your creativity obscure the intent and message of your resume.

So, add your experience as a stay-at-home mom to the resume just like you’d add any other position: add a job title, dates, and your achievements.

Explain what was going on, and focus on the skills you learned that may be relevant to the position you’re seeking.

As a stay-at-home mom, you deserve the perfect resume. Let’s move on to the first section of your stay-at-home mom resume.

We both know you can do it all: Manage, delegate, communicate. That’s why it’s always better to explain your career gaps rather than hide them. Now that you know what resume format is the best for a stay-at-home mom, just remember: And: Export your stay-at-home mom resume to a PDF file—it will keep its original shape on all computers, mobile devices, and operating systems. If you’re in two minds about the format your “return-to-workforce” resume have a look at Listen: A good resume must be like a You Tube bumper ad—it must leave a lasting impression in under 6 seconds.

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