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Not too long ago, you’d be chancing it and responding to that glad-eye from across the bar. But now, you turn away, leaving your admirer gawping at your back like a stunned mullet. You’re preening, so they won’t want anyone else – because neither do you! You’re much more chill because you assume you’ll be with them. Discussing any kind of future plans and using “we” is exclusivity code for “I have deleted Tinder and now you are my world.” Unless it’s “we are breaking up”, of course. Then X is for ‘xclusive and X marks the spot, so start digging for treasure. If you were multi-dating – no shame in it, it’s the 21st-century – but have already started backing off from them, or told them you’re seeing someone else and want to see how it develops, you’re already gone.

Which, in itself, is a sign they’re on your mind and, thus, maybe it’s time to make it official. If there’s nothing there, many potential couples would give up after the first disagreement and get straight back on Bumble.

which wouldn't be a big deal if you had any idea whether or not you're allowed to be hooking up with other people!

It's like, you don't want to be turning down other options like a total idiot if he's out there getting his freak on with a bunch of other girls.

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Welcome to our reviews of the how to go from casual dating to exclusive (also known as find friends near you).

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Lee’s date comes as fans have been left ‘cringing’ over his antics on Celebs Go Dating – which kicked off its seventh series this week.Greeting Simon in the studio, Lee tells the camera: ‘It’s mad sick to see Si in the studios today and we’re going to lay down the sickest tune.’ He tells Simon: ‘I just think that people need to hear this tune bro, cos it’s a banger. ’ Not wanting to waste anytime Simon gets Lee into the recording booth but is left gobsmacked when Lee starts to sing.Instead of producing a melodic harmony, Lee’s voice cracks as he sings the lyrics: ‘used to’. But, if you have just proposed on Christmas and you're still not sure whether to tone down the flirting, The Guyliner has you covered. It’s not even that there’s anything wrong with these people, you just can’t face starting something new when you’re already quite far into a situation you don’t feel the need to change. Oh, so you usually go to the gym four nights a week, do you? And it’s not just the one you use to get to grips with the mould on the grouting – assuming you do this – it’s theirs! Early days you talked about boxsets, current affairs, sport, your favourite superheroes. Childhoods, families, hopes and dreams, your history of chlamydia – the lot. The first few dates, you spend half your time worrying the perfection can’t be real. If you’re still feeling good about them after your first barney, it’s time to delete the apps.Nature will out, though, and even the biggest commitment-phobe would struggle to deny it’s time to talk exclusivity if three or more of these rear their head: Whether to their face or to someone else, if you’re calling them your boyfriend or girlfriend (and you’ve not already discussed being open) then monogamy is knocking at your door. Smoothie in the morning instead of your usual bacon sandwich? Instead of the forced smile you give to baristas, traffic wardens and your boss, this will be a genuine “uh oh, why are the sides of my mouth spasming, am I going to be OK” full-on smile. Most singletons will do anything they can to avoid a weekend that’s not packed to the hilt with plans – whatever it takes to keep the solitude at bay. Seeing disappointment etched on their face causes you actual, physical pain? In a supermarket and think, “Hey, X really loves that, maybe I’ll get them some,” or in a newsagent and see a magazine with a headline that X would be interested in? If you’re playing it about as cool as a hot teabag down the back of your sweater, then it’s cuffing time.

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