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Never pass up a Glen Hansard show if you’re into raw and powerful vocals, epic guitar skills, and music with an honesty that burns itself into your brain.Pure Energy & Emotion Beacon Theatre - New York Glen never, ever, disappoints in his live shows.

I was a little anxious since we brought someone to see him for the first time and didn’t know if she would be a fan but she found him to be as awesome as we do! The show was opened by an experimental Jazz duo, Joe Quartz, whom Glen had invited from Paris, before Glen and his band entered the stage.He’s excellent with stories and the crowd, but doesn’t turn a musical event into a speech.He never forgets to dedicate Falling Slowly to Marketa Irglova.“I should be singing your praises / Instead of banging this drum / I’m tired of thinking about you baby / I’m moving on,” he says and you can almost hear the engine of his beatdown Cadillac cough and splutter into action before vanishing off into the hazy sunset, leaving behind a billowing cloud of red dust.Using Hammond organ and pained twangs of electric guitar, he beefs up his woes as a modern man with the forlorn tricks of Americana and roots but it’s as if he’s stepping back in time or, at least, stepping back into another self from a different generation’s story.

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