Geek guide to dating

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You won’t have to experience the pain of having relationship after relationship end within months You will learn how to be sexually attractive to women.

You won’t be the guy (see: loser) with the shoulder to cry on.

I’ve since compiled everything I learned that actually worked with real, live women into one concise guide without useless information.This guide goes over the biggest mistakes guys tend to make sabotaging their hard earned relationships.In this guide you’ll learn: “How to Give Mind Blowing Oral Sex” (Value .97) Yup, you read that correctly!Nothing drives me more crazy than a book packed with fluff. This Will Change Your Dating Life Forever Your friends are going to hate you after you learn this stuff!Never again will you have to experience the regret of a gorgeous woman passing you by and you not say anything due to being paralyzed by fear of rejection.

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