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The researchers notified the attacks to the Netherlands-based web hosting company.The attacks started at midnight at on February 12 and lasted about 30 hours in which hundreds of attacks were reported by GGSN.Yes, Microsoft has to patch two other severe security flaws as well, which have already been publicly disclosed with working exploit code but remain still unpatched, giving hackers enough time to target Windows users.First one is a Windows SMB flaw that affects Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows Server.Early this year, experts warned of a spike in the number of attacks against Mongo DB systems, crooks requested the payment of a ransom in order to return data and help the company to fix the flaw they exploited.The attacks were discovered by the Co-founder of the GDI Foundation, Victor Gevers, who warned of poor security for Mongo DB installations in the wild.

Also, make sure your servers require authentication and that strong passwords are in use.The Cloudbleed security issue with Cloudflare servers has a significant impact on numerous major organizations, including Uber, Fitbit, 1Password, and OKCupid.Cloudbleed also affects mobile apps, because, they are developed using the same backends as browsers for content delivery and HTTPS (SSL/TLS) termination.The operators in the forum are offering the precious commodity to the VIP members.According to the experts, the data were obtained by exploiting the recently discovered Cloudbleed, a flaw that was causing the leak of a wide range of sensitive information in the Cloud Flare infrastructure, including authentication cookies and login credentials of numerous organizations using the popular service.

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