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Well, Tracy would have none of that and kindly offered the use of our extra bedroom for the duration of his stay. We hardly saw Steve the first couple of days he stayed because of his work schedule.However, Thursday evening Tracy accidentally walked in on Steve while he was getting out of the shower.If we can’t for some reason, we both get kind of cranky and obsessed until our urges are satisfied. Tracy is a petite brunette with an ass that turns heads (mine, at least). she has oversized breasts that capture one’s attention.

My wife and I were getting sexy and she was slowly stroking my 4 inches when she mentioned the size of Steve’s cock. When I told him 4 “, he thought for a second and then leaned close and said he knew how I felt. He lowered his voice asked if I could keep a secret. He put his hand to his chin like he was deep in thought, formulating an idea. Steve said that if I was interested, he would get the necessary equipment and lead me through the process to make my penis larger. He said that he would get the satisfaction of helping out an old friend and perhaps make up for taking my girlfriend all those years ago. Finally, she sighed and said “Well, if there is nothing to lose, then what the heck?The thought of being fucked by a huge dick had obviously had its effect on her. He reached into a bag and pulled out what appeared to be an oversize transparent bicycle pump. I was to use this device 3 to 4 times a day to “invigorate” my member.He said it involved sticking my cock into the end of the tube and pumping on the handle.Founded in 1996, Friend Finder-X has a well-established history in the online hookup industry.You must be 18 years old or over to join, but it’s free to do so and you can express your sexual desires without fear of judgment.

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