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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed in the country on Sunday morning for a quick visit, the first of its kind to the African country since relations soured.

Speaking in a joint press conference later Sunday, Chad President Idriss Deby told Netanyahu that he would like to welcome him to the country and wished him a pleasant stay.

Asked for a timeframe, Netanyahu said: "A little patience.

But not long." Deby came to Israel in November and met with Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin.

The premier hinted that he would be visiting other Muslim countries as he departed for Chad early Sunday.

Noting that Chad shares borders with Libya and Sudan, Netanyahu said that his visit was "part of the dramatic change we are making in the Muslim and Arab world." The prime minister said this change was "very disturbing, and even enraging, for Iran and for the Palestinians, who are trying to prevent this. "And second: there will be more to come," Netanyahu said.

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Ban also warned that the departure of the 3,300-strong U.

It said “a massive process of voluntary defections from Chadian armed opposition groups began” in June 2009 and about 5,000 defectors had joined government forces.

“Among those who disarmed a total of 155 children were identified” and handed over by Chad’s social affairs ministry to UNICEF, it said.

Before Deby’s visit to Israel, sources in Chad told Reuters that he would focus on security issues – after Israel supplied Chad last year with weapons and equipment to fight rebels in the north of the country.

In response to a question from Haaretz in November during Deby’s tour of southern Israel, he said Israel was an important ally in the fight against terror. According to foreign sources, in the 1980s Israel supplied weapons to the security forces of Chad’s dictator at the time, Hissene Habre, who was recently sentenced to life in prison for crimes against humanity.

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