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This is the spammiest app I’ve encountered on Facebook.

I’m beginning to think maybe this app has so many users, not because it’s so great, but because it Super Spams everyone you know.

Though, it’s a little spammier than I’d like for an application and will push an ad in your face at every opportunity.

Clicking on ‘More’ brings you to a page with more options for posting.

Advanced Wall also lets your friends write private messages on your wall.

It’s got some great features, lets you import You Tube videos and images into your posts.

It’s got a simple interface and even has a few cute emoticons.

After about 10 seconds I have 4 items to nuke from my news feed.

It’s not a bad wall and if you don’t mind subjecting your friends to advertising torture you might want to check it out, just be sure to disable it’s access to your mini-feed or you’ll be sorry. but somehow 31 of his friends still have it installed. After clicking the “Add Image or Video” button and being presented with such an incredibly complex page, I gave up and just clicked my back button.

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