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Stockpiling dollars has become a barrier to global trade and a barrier to sustainable recovery in the West.

The introduction of a new digital currency backed by a large group of nations would unlock dollar funds that governments currently hoard as an insurance policy in uncertain times.

This is an absurd state of affairs in both geopolitical and geofinancial terms. And is 5G designed to deliver both untraceable individual assassinations and genocide-level human depopulation events? Katherine Horton is an Oxford-trained particle physicist who has worked at DESY (Hamburg) and CERN (Geneva).

She says there are indications that the rapid implementation of 5G currently underway may be related to its application as a Directed Energy Weapons system and as infrastructure to interface with non-consensually implanted human body chips.

Normozoospermia is the presence of normal sperm in male seminal fluid.

Someone has decided that she knows too much and cannot be allowed to live.

Unlike 3G and 4G, 5G is a a pulsed columnated system.

With their assistance, sperm samples were taken from each of them.

Each sperm sample was divided into two equal portions, labelled A and B.

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