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When I power up the nas the satus LED keeps on blinking.

With Synology Assitent i'm asked to install the system but when the formatting part comes I receive an error.

Pressure from above, and from public opinion, dictated that as heir to the throne he should secure a favourable marriage, meaning at that time either a foreign princess or the daughter of a senior British aristocrat.

Introducing him to the ways of love, according to his official biographer Jonathan Dimbleby, was Lucia Santa Cruz, beautiful and brainy daughter of the Chilean ambassador and amanuenis of the master of Charles’s Cambridge college, Lord 'Rab’ Butler.

PPCBoot 2.0.0 (Mar 31 2006 - )CPU: MPC8245 Revision 1.4 at 266.666 MHz: 16 k B I-Cache 16 k B D-Cache I2C: ready DRAM: DRAM BANK = 1MAX_DRAM_SIZE = 4000000MCCR1 = 75e80000MCCR4 = 35363231MSAR1 = 0EMSAR1 = 0MEAR1 = 3f EMEAR1 = 0MSAR2 = 0EMSAR2 = 0MEAR2 = 0EMEAR2 = 0MBER = 32000001PICR1 = 141b98PICR2 = 40604Synology Model: CS-406e (64 MB)64 MBaddr_sp=3f1ff78, id=3f1ff98, addr=3fc0000FLASH: flash id = 7evendor = 1, flash id = 7e (flash_id:7e) 4 MB*** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment In: serial Out: serial Err: serial Net: SK98#0Press Ctrl C to abort autoboot in 1 second## Booting image at ffc00000 ...

Image Name: synology_ppc824x_cs406e 1632 Image Type: Power PC Linux RAMDisk Image (gzip compressed) Data Size: 991894 Bytes = 968.6 k B Load Address: 00000000 Entry Point: 0000000c Verifying Checksum ...

Between the summer of 1968 when he was a second-year student at Trinity College, Cambridge, and July 1980 when he first started dating Lady Diana Spencer, Prince Charles went in search of love.

By 1970 he’d already met the woman who was meant to be the love of his life, later to become his second wife.

Is there some serial JTAG i could use for determine the problem?

Delay 10 seconds to wait for disk 2 ready.ata1: SATA link up 1.5 Gbps (SStatus 113 SControl 310)ata1.00: ATA-7: ST3750640AS, 3.

AAE, max UDMA/133ata1.00: 1465149168 sectors, multi 0: LBA48 NCQ (depth 0/32)ata1.00: configured for UDMA/100ata2: SATA link down (SStatus 0 SControl 310)scsi 0:0:0:0: Direct-Access ATA ST3750640AS 3.

The SDRAM that is used (Elpida EDS1216AATA-75-E).4 x 128M bits = 512M / 8 = 64mb So what I need to have is 4 x 256M 54-pin TSOP but i dont now wich chips are suitable for this job.

This is the datasheet of the original SDRAM: have found a possible candidate for 128mb upgrade Only pin-36 called A12 from the address bus is what the EDS1216AATA-75 does not use. Electronic/m Today I have finished the job by replacing the SDRAM chips.

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