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Its original use is modified in some way to connect it to our sex drives.were far more general at the early days, just because we hadn't figured the internet out yet.In the UK, personal ads were known as the lonely hearts column, but in America, classified ads were huge business for newspaper publishers.In 2003, it's estimated that newspapers were pulling in close to billion in classified ad revenue.They'd include their phone numbers with the ads, and would basically be inviting anyone had purchased that day's newspaper to phone them.That included creeps, and teenagers who thought it was a blast to crank call people who they saw as being so impossibly lonely and sad, that they were begging everyone with a newspaper subscription to date them.You can't charge that same price for a dating site that serves a group that makes less money though.

So when Online Dater A had a good time dating Online Dater B, but not Online Dater C, they looked into why, and realized it was because everyone wants something different.The internet put all of the world's knowledge at our fingertips, but of course the first thing we did was figure out how we could use it to access pornography, and improve our love and sex lives.It's an amazing thing that we do as a society every time there's a new invention or technological advancement.Zines still somehow exist, and when you come across a well-made zine about contemporary subjects, we can't help but feel a little bit emotional.The tactile nature of them is something that we're severely lacking in the age of the internet.

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