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People are more accepting of interracial relationships than they were, say, 40 years ago.

However, being in an interracial relationship is still a struggle, and it can be difficult to understand such a struggle unless you experience it first-hand and on a regular basis.

For the moment, at least, those implications are likely still years away.

At just 19, Obama’s long-term romantic trajectory is impossible to predict.

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The guy—identified by enterprising journalists as 19-year-old Rory Farquharson—is a British-born Harvard sophomore.Source: While you may be attracted to folks of other races, it is important first toad dress whether you would be ashamed or embarrassed to be seen with someone of a different race.You may think "To heck with what everyone else thinks.Like Williams, Obama cannot escape the optics of her new boyfriend’s whiteness.Whether we like it or not, Farquharson’s race and class—his father is a CEO of an investment fund and he was the “head boy” at an expensive private school in the UK—have implications far beyond her rarefied milieu.

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