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As I said, that would be enough for me to not want to see the person again. If you don’t have a record, what are you so offended by? I haven’t even gotten a speeding ticket in almost 20 years.” I have no issue because there’s nothing to look up.Hell, if a woman told me something like "Just FYI, I do background checks on guys before I'll sleep with them" or something like that, I could respect it a lot more. I also feel like it is putting one party at an extreme information disadvantage. What are YOU trying to hide and why shouldn’t they have the right to know about it?This is perhaps because people in relationships feel pity for single people on Valentine’s Day, the...Long-distance relationships are known to be difficult.Who said celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single person has to be depressing?These days, Valentine’s Day has almost become more associated with lonely singles than people in actual relationships.

Are you looking for a reasonably priced, romantic Valentine’s Day destination? It's a relaxed, comfortable and casual place to grab a meal with a college crush.Also, I really think if you are going to do this, you need to be up front with the person and tell them you did it or plan to.Many of the responses I got came down to some version of "If you aren't ok with a woman doing that to look out for her safety, then you are an asshole".That said, cases like this are why people shouldn't fight so hard to get out of jury duty. If lying is what it takes to get them someplace on time, then there is nothing wrong with doing it at times, as long as the intent isn't malicious.If all of the sensible people do their best to not serve, we are left with a bunch of people who refuse to convict on serious charges.

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