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The biggest targets are women over 40, who are divorced, widowed, and/or disabled, but every age group and demographic is at risk.

A new study by researchers at the universities of Leicester and Westminster estimated that in excess of 200,000 Britons have been conned by romance scammers.

Das erklrt die Karlsruher Partnervermittlerin Nena Lacho im Interview mit ka-news. Sie haben durchaus ihre Berechtigung, sonst wrden es nicht so viele Menschen machen.

Man sucht den geeigneten Kandidaten und klickt gleich weiter, wenn es nicht passt.

A recent survey reported that the old ‘three-day-rule’ is dead.

The majority of men (75 percent) said they follow up within three days, usually with a phone call.


While Tinder is a whopping 140% increase of users to their site, resulting in a million potential payday for the popular mobile dating app. First off, you’re single and looking and NOT online or mobile dating, you’re behind the times in finding love.

Similarly a survey found that 48 percent of women research their date online before meeting.

So just as you wouldn’t post anything on your facebook page that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see, you want to keep your cyber image clean if you’re dat Fear of Commitment – Just as the job-hopping has become the new normal for millennials who are projected to average 15-20 jobs in varied industries over the course of their career, courtship has devolved into “hook-up culture” for this generation.

Teilweise wird auch bei Profilen nicht immer die Wahrheit geschrieben.

Eine Untersuchung aus dem Jahr 2007 hat ergeben, dass das besonders hufig beim Krpergewicht der Fall ist.

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