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It is also worth noting that while well-known makers of the early figures include Thomas Whieldon, Ralph Wood, and William and Felix Pratt, numerous small-scale makers are long lost to anonymity.Because few figures bear marks of identification, collectors must use their eyes, experience and intuition to establish provenance.Before 1840, most Staffordshire figures were modelled "in the round", but during the Victorian era cheaper "flat-back" modelling became prevalent.The back of a figure was left flat and undecorated on the grounds that, when displayed on a mantelshelf, it could not be seen.And what will be one of the most sought-after pieces is an architectural and figural scene modelled on the Red Barn murder scandal of the 1820s.It is is expected to reach between £3,500 and £4,500, although I wouldn't be surprised if it sold for more than that.

This process produced a sturdy utilitarian type of porcelain and was the predominate output for many years.Some superb examples will be on sale at the Bonhams auction.So, what exactly are they and what are the differences between early and late?In August 2012, a varied collection of good Staffordshire antique porcelain exceeded all expectations when it was sold at a Devon auction house.The Staffordshire Pottery was predicted to sell for £70,000 but high demand pushed the hammer price to £107,000.

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