Dating recovering addict advice

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These groups let you learn more about addiction and recovery while providing a sympathetic ear when you face challenges in your relationship.People in recovery typically have a lot of meetings and appointments to attend.You can be a source of love, encouragement, and support, but the decision to remain in recovery belongs to your partner alone.

When the relationship becomes serious, your partner’s problems will be yours as well.Focus on getting to know each other as people before rushing into a physically intimate relationship If you’re thinking about a relationship with someone who is in the very early stages of recovery, however, it may be best to wait until he or she is more secure in sobriety.It takes time for the brain and body to adjust to living a sober life. Keep in mind that you can’t fix problems for your partner.For example, visiting a place that one used to go while intoxicated is a common trigger.Talk to your partner about his or her cravings and what triggers the urge to use.

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