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Finally you should be at a comfortable point where it is time to move on to personal contact.The ones you wish to eliminate early should recognize that it is not personal, it is not animosity, it is not rudeness, it is simply a matter of having too many options to follow up on every person in detail, and therefore having to exercise your discretion based on limited information together with gut instinct and/or intuition.We have the resources and the experience to connect you with the right partner, who could end up being your soul mate!The person you choose to be with will influence your lifestyle, finances, standard of living and outlook on life.Elite Introductions & Matchmaking: Our legal name is not to be confused with several other services using our name: as Elite Introductions in different areas of the USA.We are local to Central and West Florida only and have never operated our services outside of the state of Florida.Whether you're seeking the perfect Asian woman or a great Western man, your chances of success are the best if you take it lightly and approach the task with good humour.

All introductions will be approved by you in advance, so there are no blind dates.

the frustration and often deceitful experience of dating where you are never sure if the other person is truly interested in a committed relationship.

The research shows that you can have more success in one year (or, in some cases, less) when working with a professional matchmaker than you may experience over a lifetime of randomly dating on your own.

With Elite Introductions' private and personalized Matchmaking service, you will benefit by working personally with Elisabeth Dabbelt, unlike joining a service that is franchise staff driven.

With the personalized and individualized matchmaking and coaching work of Elisabeth Dabbelt you are assured of being in the hands of a trusted experienced matchmaker to take care of your love matters.

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