Dating my marshall amp

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from Sam Ash in Sarasota Florida - I am unable to find anything about it on line or on your site - would like info on all of it's features so I can get the best sounds from it - please help - Thank you - [email protected] afternoon! Is there a specific issue of board to get in order to be free of the problem?

I have an i Pad 2 with 64 Gig B and G3, using i OS v.7.1. Pairing not possible most of the time, even when I put the i Pad right on top of the Code 25 amp. I've bought this amp one mounth ago, and I can't find any general informations about it on the web on the website of Marhall amplification. I don't have the issue presently on my amp but am considering buying a board to have as a backup. Dave I own a mg100 hcfx which I am very happy with. It was anemic sounding out of the box but with a boost and eq in front sounds like it should.(Also a noise gate run in x pattern in front and loop quieted the noisy mg) Question: where about do other users of this amp or similar channel switchers prefer their channel volumes? Team, I'm moving back from the US to Europe and would like to take my favourite Marshall amps with me: DSL40c and JVM-1H.

I have made an account and registered the amp, does this now mean the warranty is active on the amp?

Dear Marshall, I am waiting for a new shipment of Code 50's to be delivered to Sweetwater here in the USA.

This system was used until 1992, when a bar code system was introduced.

(a) Model - The first part of the serial number grouping determines the model of the chassis. (b) Serial number - The second part of the alphanumeric grouping is the five-digit serial number itself.

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