Dating letters in spanish

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Say you want to But say you want to insert the letter á.If you hold Option and the letter a, this will appear: å. Instead, for any vowel you want to add an accent, hold Option and the letter e, and then type the vowel.If you actually do want to use an apostrophe, use the hyphen key next to your 0.To create the on a Spanish keyboard, press the semicolon key.

There are a few different methods that should work to create the eñe on a PC.The computers, and it’s especially useful for quickly inserting uncommon symbols that might not have their own keys on your computer’s built-in keyboard.It does require some knowledge and memorization of the codes, so it is not always the most convenient method.For example, to type á, hold Option and the letter e, and then type a, and you’ll create the from another document or resource.However, if you are drafting a large quantity of documents in Spanish, it can get cumbersome and tedious to constantly need to refer back to another document for the character you need.

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