Dating lazy men

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They were “retiring.” When it came to courting, some men were content becoming more like…women.Instead of pursuing women and impressing them, these men began to expect women to pursue and impress them (known as ‘Diva Dudes’ in some circles).When it comes to pursuing women, most modern men of potential marrying age and reasonable stability are lazy. There are a number of reasons why men are lazy, and not all of those reasons are their fault, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are lazy when it comes to dating, courting, and well, just about anything that doesn’t directly benefit them or has a defined, measurable return on investment. The only thing they desire is the company of a woman.They don’t demand that she know how to cook, remain beautiful at all times and always weigh a certain amount, or whatever another arbitrarily subjective measurement of a woman Twitter/Facebook is arguing about this week.Instead, for many women, it seems like men their age (and older) are just looking to have fun.This is why a number of women are frustrated by the perceived lack of men they have to choose from when they are ready to settle down.

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Now that they were in a better place, their expectations of what they should be expected to do to meet women changed as well.Some nights we were content simply heading out and having a good time.If we got 10 numbers or 0 numbers it really didn’t matter. It wasn’t that we weren’t interested in meeting women. Meeting a woman or group of women was cool, but it wasn’t the only determining factor for whether we had a “good night,” especially when experience had taught us that the majority of women we meet will not result in something particularly meaningful – and that was ok.Before we’d go to the club and we’d consider it a “bad night” if we didn’t get at least 10 numbers between the group.In our mid-20s, we found we spent less and less time in the sole pursuit of women. Why chase after 10 numbers from five 2’s, three 5’s, and two 7’s, when we could apply ourselves and maybe get 3 numbers from two 8’s and one 10?

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