Dating in colonial new hampshire

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The first year was devastating for the colonists, with only 32 colonists surviving the winter and only then because Native Americans living in the area came to their aid with food.

After a supply ship arrived the next year they had additional provisions but many more colonists to feed as well.

To prepare for their life in America, they had sought advice from people who had already visited the New World.

Among their advisors was Captain John Smith who, earlier, had helped found Jamestown for the Virginia Company.

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The Pilgrims were the first English colonists to permanently settle in New England in what we now know as Massachusetts. 16, 1620 the ship "Mayflower" set off from Plymouth, England on it journey to the New World.Another colony was left at Roanoke in 1587 but by 1590, when a long delayed supply ship finally arrived, they had disappeared without a trace. Sir Walter Raleigh sent ships to America to search for the colonists but they were unsuccessful.By the time the next English settlers arrived in North America to colonize Jamestown it was nearly twenty years later and, although several attempts were made to find out what happened to them, the fate of the "Lost Colony" was never fully explained.One of Powhatan's children, a daughter called Pocahontas, visited the colonists in the early years and even brought food and other provisions to them.Several years later in an attempt to obtain bargaining advantage over Powhatan the colonists kidnapped Pocahontas and she stayed with them in Jamestown.

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