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It is noteworthy that women more frequently make this objection that the right man has not yet pursued them.Women do have a unique responsibility to respond to, nurture, and affirm male initiation in this area, and the last thing I'd want to do is make a women feel guilty for being committed to doing so.Alex and Marni have given us a clear restatement of God's intentions for man and woman in marriage.With One Voice unashamedly embraces the Bible as its foundation and the glory of Christ as its goal......[Alex] aptly demonstrates that the wisdom of the Word on the matter of male-female relationships can find expression in our own contemporary society and still broadcast the excellencies of Christ to our generation.....This may seem romantic, but it is horribly debilitating.As soon as she's lost that first rush of emotion and is getting to know him as a flawed human (and not the paragon of perfection her ignorance initially allowed him to be) she feels obligated to end the relationship.

Many woman, for example, believe that there must be a "perfect match" for them out there, and its their job to wait for them.

With One Voice provides a biblical perspective on the increasingly difficult issues surrounding marriage and dating.

It shines the light of God's Word on this topic and shows that God's perspective has not changed -- Tim Challies We are very thankful for With One Voice by Alex Chediak.

I think most of them just gave me a healthy dose of legalism that did nothing for my walk or dealing with the issues.

When I was around 12 years old I decided to focus on becoming the man that a woman could marry rather than just a hot date.

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