Dating games for girls only

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So I told him just that, and we left it on friendly terms.

Essentially, we acted like grown-ups and it was extremely refreshing. By the way, I’m also very aware it’s not just men that do this kind of nonsense.

I was cocky, selfish and reckless with relationships.

And because it’s ‘the norm’ I’ve found myself getting sucked into ‘playing the game’ myself.You’ll find someone you connect with by just being yourself. I was THAT guy in my 20s: the one women loved to hate.I would say most people try to avoid playing games. A person playing games in a relationship in my opinion, is usually the result of a deeper issue that isn't being dealt with.Often times, something has happened, that either has caused this person to fear commitment or to have little value for the feelings of the person they are with.

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