Dating furniture casters

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The small wheels also were useful in moving heavier pieces small distances around the floor for cleaning purposes. Carpeting and area rugs have been in general use for most of this century so the floor thing is no longer a valid reason for wheels.The truth is, I think, wheels just became a stylistic item with no real function other than to emulate earlier period styles.

During the last few years there has been a rapid appreciation in the value of such things, and almost fabulous prices have been paid for old mantel-pieces taken from ancient houses.Then Art Deco added wheels in some cases as purely style innovations for they were not emulating anybody!The problem with these stylistic devices is that they often become a problem in their own right.In the 18th century, carpet and other floor coverings were in much less general use than in the 20th century and as such, floor care did not consist of carpet sweeping so much as the mopping of wooden or stone floors.Brass casters and forks or porcelain wheels served as lifts to keep the furniture off the floors during mopping so if the piece did get wet, it was the brass wheels and not the wood that had to deal with the moisture.

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