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And a third option is a combination from both options: using the "language-identification-less"-URL ( I hope my question gets your heads cracking, they cracked mine for sure!It did help me already to work things out as a question here.What should be translated As the system I am looking for needs to be as user friendly as possible the method of managing the translation should be inside the CMS.There should be no need to start up an FTP connection to modify translation files or any html/php parsed templates.: I forgot to mention: the __() function is an alias to translate a given string.Within this method there obviously should be some sort of fallback method where the default text is loaded when there are not translations available yet.

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The alternative is to use URL, that can be defined as .In this case, when translating query, you do not need to guess the language, because at that point you already know which to use.There is also a secondary source of language: the cookie value.You seem to be confident in your implementation and understanding of the first two.The question was about the latter aspect - A very important thing is, don't get fancy with IDN.

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