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And that freed me to love my son just as he is and everybody else just as they are.I know, I know: people who are intimately acquainted with me can no doubt point out places where I have fallen short of extending unconditional love., unlike most linearly structured texts, is symphonically presented, with its themes and principles woven into the teachings throughout, much the same as leitmotivs are woven into the fabric of a musical composition.The Course is thus seen as the perfect integration of form and content, a framework within which the prominent principles and themes in each chapter are presented in succeeding classes., in terms of its magnitude both as a thought system and as a work of art.

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We ignore the Course’s exclusively masculine language, change all the pronouns for God and people to “she,” and proceed happily on our feminist studies.I had nothing against Jews or psychologists, but I was still fundamentalist enough to be frightened by the thought of someone channeling a voice that claimed to be Jesus, the Jesus of the Gospels.However, I had read many mystics by then, and I decided to enact what I had learned from them: if teachings are respectful of others and conducive to kindness and peace, then their .These talks are available in both video and audio formats.Explore a rich library of David’s teachings captured on video and his extensive and beautifully organized collection of audio teachings!

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