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We’re received questions ranging from how one particular speaker may sound versus another, as well as about how cabinets themselves impact the final tone.These topic areas can be discussed in simple terms or they can be more scientific when one chooses to dig deeper.Sometimes changes were made for reasons of durability, sometimes for cost-considerations, and other times for both reasons.Regardless of these factors, while a G12M 25 watter from these two eras for example will sound different, they still inherently contain the basic characteristic tones and voicing of a G12M.

The G12M-25 watt from the late ‘60s through the early ‘70s are my favorite Celestion speakers for classic hard rock and blues tones, and the Heritage series 20 watt G12M reissue is also a fantastic speaker choice for this genre.Like many amplifiers, the G12M, whether in early 20 watt or later 25-watt form has a "sweet spot" zone when pushed to moderately loud listening volume.Fortunately for those that have limitations for volume output, the input sensitivity rating (which is related to a speaker’s efficiency, i.e.Pushing the speaker too far will result in over-compression and lack of definition.The trick is to play with the bass and volume control of the amplifier to careful find the right balance of compression.

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