Dating atlas canning jars

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You may see at yard sales or flea markets real, genuine Atlas Mason jars, made by the Hazel-Atlas company, floating about inexpensively.

All their Mason jars had the symbol HA on them; it stands for “Hazel-Atlas”, with the A tucked under the H.

The other ones, which use outdated closure systems which proved less reliable, should only be used for dry storage. (Click to enlarge.) Img src : Canning Helps By Hazel-Atlas.

The Alan and Shirley Brocker Sliker Collection, MSS 314, Special Collections, Michigan State University Libraries.

In 1957, the company was bought out, and entered the now all-too-familiar process of being digested by larger and larger corporate entities.

Note: for a discussion on what the pros say about re-using commercial jars in general for home canning / bottling, please refer to: Re-using jars from store-bought products .

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The companies that bought Hazel-Atlas out seem to have stopped using the Hazel-Atlas name, and the HA symbol, sometime after 1964.

Provided they are not chipped or cracked, the two square models (1 and 6) which take the 2-piece lids, could still in theory be used in following modern home canning recommendations.

Available at id=6195 The Atlas “Mason” jars that you see now used for Classico pasta sauces were never actually made as actual, genuine Mason jars by Hazel-Atlas.

It appears stamping the jars as “Atlas Mason” is a packaging / marketing technique of the Classico company.

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