Dating ancient roman coins

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Small change must have been carried in leather or linen purses, tucked into a belt.But there is ample archaeological evidence for the ancient custom of placing an obol in the mouth of a corpse to pay Charon, the ferryman who carried the spirits of the dead to the underworld.

It is sometimes said that ancient Greeks carried these tiny coins in their mouths, since their garments had no pockets.

…the great majority of ancient coins reach us through hoards, which represent deliberate accumulations of substantial sums.

Since such accumulations are normally made in units of high value rather than in small change, there is a possibility that for some mints our knowledge of the fractions may be deficient, even though it is virtually complete for the larger denominations The smallest coins are likely to have a low survival rate, which makes them relatively scarce.

But the need for even smaller units in the day-to-day transactions of city life led to the production of miniscule .

I find it easier to avoid the decimals and just think of the weight as 150 to 100 milligrams.

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