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(Looking at you, teenage pregnancy and experimental drug use).Enter the Craigslist Conqueror, real name Aaron Smith.They haven’t logged in to their accounts in months. “At one point, I was paying hundreds of dollars a month to date,” he says.His frustration isn’t unique: One friend who’s given the online dating scheme a go has similar complaints. Aside from that, learning how to actually effectively use each site is tough.Craigslist is many things to many people: To the modern Internet denizen, it’s an unsightly holdover from Web 1.0.To the open-source advocate, it’s a locked up, selfish, overflowing database of information that’s anti-innovation. While you and I might browse Craigslist to find a new apartment or a gently used (fingers crossed) couch, there are many, many more people using it to look for love. In a world where we have innumerable dating websites, applications that tell us if someone is right around the corner, and social networks that make it beyond easy to browse for a potential new boyfriend or girlfriend, what would ever compel us to turn to Craigslist?

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While his time conquering Craigslist was originally of the sexual variety, Smith ended up finding love on the site. As of late 2012, it was pulling in 50 billion page views a month. Suffice it to say that the odds of reconnecting with that stranger you made furtive eye contact with across the bar are bad. “Neither of us had ever done anything like [that], so it was a bit awkward at first,” Bergen says.As does dating with your dollars – every dating site out there.There’s a sort of visceral, tangible change happening in the online hunt for relationships as a reaction to these two options.(Sidenote: I would absolutely love to see some stats on the spike in Missed Connections and Casual Encounters postings that hit the site February 14). However, despite the gut instinct pulling us back to Craigslist for relationship hunting, there is some real risk involved – of the infectious disease variety.New research shows that a rise in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be tied to Craigslist.

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