Consolidating school districts in michigan

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The MSU report also misrepresents the data by claiming not to include charter schools in the consolidation, but including them in its cost savings calculations.The MSU report itself explains why doing so is a mistake: "(C)harter schools are not considered for potential inclusion in school district consolidation since they are intended to function independently.It appears that author simply multiplied the predicted savings rates (although incorrectly in at least one case) by total 2009 spending for certain school services in Michigan.The Mackinac Center for Public Policy is a nonprofit research and educational institute that advances the principles of free markets and limited government.The Jazz Band will perform at 12 pm, Saturday, August 31 on the Absopure Waterfront Stage. Students in TK through 12th grade were recognized for their two and three dimensional artwork.Margaret Black Elementary School recently hosted a multicultural fair.

The required Annual Education Reports are available for public viewing.Thurston Elementary School students board a waiting Ann Arbor school bus last winter.Short of consolidation, Michigan school districts could save substantial money by sharing services, such as busing.Through our research and education programs, we challenge government overreach and advocate for free-market approach to public policy that frees people to realize their potential and dreams.Please consider contributing to our work to advance a freer and more prosperous state.

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