Common internet dating lies

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If she has nothing to hide it shouldn’t be a big problem to send you a recent full-body photo.

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If you don’t look your age then what is the harm in knocking a few years off right? In the grand scheme of things a few years isn’t much of a difference but you should be on the lookout for signs that she may have knocked a few years off.Don’t let the numbers dissuade you, online dating can be a fantastic way to meet interesting men and women.Just like offline dating you simply need to keep your guard up and make sure what you see matches with what your date is saying.That can be useful as general starting points but don’t put too much faith in them! Also be wary if all of a woman’s photos are painstakingly chosen to only show certain very flattering angles.Thanks to some fantastic advances in modern bra technology it is becoming increasingly simple to trick easily distracted men. Don't be afraid to ask for additional pictures before taking the effort to meet in person! Men are notorious for adding a few extra inches and it turns out that women are not afraid to do the same. Given how strongly women tend to prefer dating men who are taller then them it is a little surprising that they would are the ones adding inches.

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