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I used them for batches of ~1000 email addresses and didn’t got a warning for abusing.On Web Development Blog is a tutorial on how to validate an email address with the Mailboxlayer API.Email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways to reach your customer, leads and site followers.If your mailing list becomes older and hasn’t been used for some time, there is serious chance that some of the email addresses aren’t valid anymore.Validation chains can be initialized in a direct manner by just adding validators to the Phalcon\Validation object.

Their API/service is free to use and only requires a Mailgun account.

There are many ways how you can do that, some of the are simple and free and others are more complex and require some programming skills.

The most simple way is to use regular expression pattern/check against all your email addresses.

This component can be used to implement validation rules on data objects that do not belong to a model or collection.

The following example shows its basic usage: The loosely-coupled design of this component allows you to create your own validators along with the ones provided by the framework.

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