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Crie uma sala e reunir em torno do mesmo vídeo, ao mesmo tempo, se é um Youtube, Dailymotion ou Vimeo.

Met my, ontdek een nieuwe manier om video's te delen met vrienden en familie.

Maak een kamer en verzamelen zich rond dezelfde video, op hetzelfde moment of het nu een Youtube, Dailymotion of Vimeo.有了my,发现一种新的方式与朋友和家人分享视频。创建一个房间,聚集在同一个视频,在相同的时间,无论是一个Youtube,优酷或Vimeo。my Circle.tvで、友人や家族とビデオを共有するための新しい方法を発見してください。部屋を作成し、You TubeやDailymotionのまたはVimeoのであるかどうかと同時に、同じビデオの周りに集まる。مع my، واكتشاف طريقة جديدة لتبادل أشرطة الفيديو مع الأصدقاء والعائلة.

إنشاء غرفة والالتفاف حول نفس الفيديو، في نفس الوقت سواء كان ذلك في يوتيوب، ديلي موشن أو فيميو.

The Russians basically invented space travel and just try to find another writer besides Nabokov who can seamlessly craft a grammatically sound sentence that is over a page in length?

For the most part, they marry humans they genuinely like, which brings me to my next point: You should absolutely consider yourself very lucky if you ever have the chance to chill with a girl from Russia.

Create a room and gather around the same video, at the same timewhether it's a , or .

Enjoy with friends movies, events, series, mangas, gameplay, TV programs, shows, concerts…. Mit my, entdecken eine neue Möglichkeit, Videos mit Freunden und Familie zu teilen.

Com my, descobrir uma nova forma de compartilhar vídeos com amigos e familiares.It will add the latest Forefront Endpoint Protection definition update into Assignment “FEPDeployment” and Package “FEP” and refresh the Distribution Points if any updates were made to the deployment package.(Our dating lives are fine and always have been.) When we talk about dating or the possibility of having family, with a man or on our own or with-gasp!Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 clients managed by System Center Configuration Manager 2007 may appear in the “Out of Date” deployment status collection after an anti-malware platform update is installed via Microsoft Update.This issue occurs because the “Out of Date” collection checks for the version of the ' Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 Server Management' entry in Add/Remove programs data, however this data is not updated by anti-malware platform updates released to Microsoft Update.

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