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To use the narrator’s perfect description of them, the “talking wedding-cake toppers, Zac and Elizabeth” won viewers’ vote.

And of course they did: they’re young, cute, and have been together since the very start. last, perhaps because their relationship is so new, or perhaps because of Weston.

Although there were recouplings and votes, and some flashes of drama, the show was mostly just conversations: long stretches of talking. But that’s what I loved about Love Island (I know, I know, I need to watch the UK version): While the show has a spectacular location and a robust budget for evocative pop music, it really thrives on the smallest of details: a throwaway laugh line, the relationships between young, hot, blank people.(If you want to know more about how producers chose the music, read Marisa Roffman’s interview with executive producer Simon Thomas.)The final eight people all wrote “declarations of love” for their partners, which were like wedding vows without the wedding, and which, on any other show, would have me literally screaming at the television.

But even with the treacly soundtrack—John Legend’s “All of Me”, Ellie Goulding’s cover of “Your Song”—it was somehow still just nice to hear them say kind and loving things about each other, these people they met on a summer reality show.

I know this won’t happen, in part because CBS has no incentive to change Big Brother, which gets double the ratings of Love Island despite being so unbearably shitty and cynical.

This felt oddly tacked on and unnecessary; just give the kids some cash and be done with it.

Love Island was “a gamble” but one that turned out to be “absolutely the right call for CBS,” as Vulture’s Joe Adalian explains in this story.

My dream: CBS hands Big Brother over to the producers of Love Island (not just ITV Entertainment, but I mean literally the people responsible for running the show this season), and also gives them a similarly robust budget and the trust to do the show right, like it was once done in the UK.

Zac’s mom is already trying to get them married, though at least Elizabeth’s mom was like HOLD ON WOMAN.

After all, they’ve known each other for less time than it takes to fly to Fiji and back (I’m exaggerating only slightly).

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