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The gold Sovereign coin was first struck over 500 years ago in 1489 and is one of the oldest coins still being produced today.

Named to honour the king, it has been a symbol of status and strength ever since.

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Several factors make gold Sovereigns valuable; their raw material, obviously, but also the processes involved in minting, storing and distributing them.

I think about this all the time when I'm not with her but when I am I forget!The Royal Mint 2017 Full Gold Sovereign, weighs 7.98 grams and is a 22ct coin. This coin features the newest portrait of the Queen on the front and the traditional George and Dragon design on the reverse.As this year's release marks the 200th year anniversary of the Sovereign, the coin has been minted with a Shield Privy Mark commemorating the coin's history! A Brand New 2018 Full Gold Sovereign by The Royal Mint, weighs 7.98 grams and is a 22ct coin. In certicard packaging, this product is beautiful to look at.Of the Sovereign's total weight of 7.98 grams, just over 7.31 grams is gold.The 2017 Gold Sovereign celebrates 200 years since the first 'modern' Sovereign was minted in the UK and is now available to purchase direct from The Royal Mint.

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