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Another added bonus, as many expats in Brussels are hosting meals, someone is bound to be cooking that food from home you’re missing.There are loads of options to pick from, especially in Brussels.One of the fastest ways to meet people is to sign up for a class.It can also be a great tool to help you integrate into your new home country.Luckily, because of the huge international community in Belgium, just about every nation is well represented here.Most countries have social groups, and, whether or not they are actually affiliated, your embassy should be able to point you in the right direction.We have a long list of hosts we still want to try (home cooked Mexican and Indian food anyone? Here are a few of the hosts we whole-heartedly recommend: Sign up for Bookalokal through us and receive €8 to spend on your first meal or class.

While the following examples are mostly specific to Brussels, you can apply these tips to your expat assignment anywhere in the world.Choose the date, the time and tour, and we’ll find a guide especially for you.If your hotel is not too far from the route, the guide will even come and pick you up. We run at a comfortable pace, in fact we fully adapt to your pace.We also make frequent stops in front of the highlights, so the 9km tours are hardly a challenge if you’re able to run 5km straight.

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