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We figured someone from the hive of Austin-based dating app, Bumble, would know.Alex Williamson, Bumble’s queen bee for all things social media, sat down for a chat at Ranch 616 with a representative of Austin’s XY factor, Lawrence Nourzad.The COL is outrageous and it is so difficult to find a job. However, there is a certain degree of materialism involved. Dumb people annoy me, sorry Atlanta (though austin probably doesn't have much of an edge on Atlanta).It doesn't hurt though that there are a lot of people my age in Austin, it just makes me want to settle there more. I have lived in Austin for about 9 months with a 6 month break back in Atlanta. If you are a tennis pro you probably are going to meet and be attractive to a high subset of women. I think we all – men and women – want to make something of ourselves, so we are dating to find a potential teammate, and if we don’t find that, I think most people are happy to succeed alone.We women pursue what we want, and if that’s a man, we are no longer afraid to make our intentions known and ask men out.

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But I’m not talking about trash; I’m talking about exes.We learned a list of dating dos and don’ts, some surprising recommendations on where to find that special someone and the best places to dance it out.Check out highlights from Alex and Lawrence’s Ranch 616 chat by clicking here. As a single woman, that means the odds are ever in your favor.But the women I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know aren’t going to be quick to settle because of societal pressures to be married by a certain age. We live in this city because we are all too socially liberal for that way of thinking.And thank goodness – because if I’m speaking candidly (which I always do), there are plenty of commitment-phobic Peter Pans running around Austin.

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