Ano ang dating pangalan ng san agustin church

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On the second thought, why would he teach something that is stupendously a big lie if he knows the time of his second coming in the first place?

These are hard questions that the proponents of Christ-is-God doctrine will never be able to answer!

It’s easy to be a Basilio more focused in finishing studies than of being concerned with one’s society.

It is understandable when all the dreamers have mostly failed or have seen their ideals reduced in effect.

The problem with Filipinos is we like to have change but not to work hard for it. Or, for the more serious, finishing studies in the hopes of eventually working and helping for one’s family.

Why did you think no one took me up on my challenge? Actually, I almost felt sick reading these loan documents.

Or through the field that you wish, and working on, to eventually become part of.

Yes, you are correct that much of the older ways and values of loving our country has been made irrelevant, with all the evils this country has seen.

Psalms "I have not kept the news of salvation to myself; I have always spoken of your faithfulness and help.

In the assembly of all your people I have not been silent about your loyalty and constant love." [Good News Bible] key doctrine of the Bible that the Iglesia Ni Cristo [CHURCH OF CHRIST] upholds is the absolute oneness of God the Father.

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