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Duffy performs "Mercy" and "Standing Stone".: Jim, I would like to take this opportunity to make my opponent a proposal: effective immediately, each of us suspend our campaigns, and instead hold a series of three pie-eating contests.Next Tuesday, Kansas City, lemon meringue; Saturday, Jacksonville, blueberry; the following week, in Dallas, coconut custard.After Mayor Bloomberg (Armesin) assures Wall Street protesters that they are welcome in New York City, Anna Faris hosts.She's also a femme-fatale decoy on the Manuel Ortiz show, takes part in a game show "What's Wrong with Tanya," appears on a Michigan State University TV show of faux Japanese pop pundits, joins a Ronette-style girl group singing advice about boys to one of their friends, and introduces her childlike Elizabethan-clothed boyfriend to her family.

Sketches include: CBS Evening News (with Tina Fey cameo), Anna Faris Monologue, Making New Friends, Presidential Debate, Rowboat Date, Weekend Update with Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers, Weekend Update: Bill Clinton, Weekend Update: Judy Grimes, Scores, Deep House Dish, Googie Rene's Slightly Stained Wedding Dress Basement, My Ex-Boyfriend.

Host Anna Faris, meanwhile, was stuck in poor Charlie Brown mode, holding out her trick-or-treat bag looking for a decent skit, but getting rock after rock after rock.

Here are my picks for best (barely) and worst (a deep and contentious field) skits: Best: Lord Wyndemere Faris brings home a new beau to meet the family, and he turns out to be a tights-wearing, footman-employing dandy named Lord Wyndemere (Paul Brittain).

Kristen Wiig Announcer: “Weekend Update with Amy Poehler & Seth Meyers.”Seth Meyers: Good evening. Afterwards, their efforts were commemorated with this banner: [ Mc Cain, Bush, Barack stand in front of a “Nothing Accomplished” banner ]Critics of the bailout plan say it will save Wall Street, while it would do virtually nothing to help out Main Street. A lot of times, I show up at a party and people say, “Maaaan, this party was BEAT, ’til you got here!

Here are tonight’s top stories: With the nation facing a historic financial crisis, President Bush, on Thursday, convened the summit that included John Mc Cain, Barack Obama, and senior members of Congress.

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