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Development on a spin-off began following the cancellation of Roseanne in May 2018, due to a comment that was made by Roseanne Barr on Twitter.The next month, ABC ordered the series and confirmed the adult principal cast's involvement, while Kenney, Mc Namara, and Rey were confirmed in August.A cop brings Harris home after catching her drinking underage.Becky warns her to stop but agrees not to tell Darlene.Jackie and Darlene discuss celebrating the upcoming holidays, their first without Roseanne.At his family's urging, Dan reluctantly attends a grief support group; Geena insists Mary attend church after learning D. has not taken her in two years; Mark and Jackie poll mall patrons about the election. To Dan's dismay, she intends to raise the baby without the father, Emilio, her co-worker at the restaurant.She confides in Jackie that Emilio may be unable to financially support her anyway.Darlene lands a job with a local crime magazine called, "Lock 'Em Up", and clashes with her new boss, Ben, over creative control.

Dan and Jackie try to convince Becky that Emilio would be a good father to their baby.

In a tragic turn of events, Roseanne suddenly dies and three weeks following her funeral – the family learns she died of an opioid overdose, leading them to uncover her hidden drug dependency; DJ's military wife, Geena, returns home from Afghanistan; Darlene's son Mark confides in Dan about his crush on a boy at school.

Mary Steenburgen guest stars as Marcy, a neighbor whom Dan blames for Roseanne's death by giving her prescription pain pills.

Jackie agrees to participate in Peter's educational project simulating Norwegian medieval life. When an improperly secured machine falls on Dan, injuring him, Darlene hires an attorney to sue for medical damages.

Becky's boss warns her about flirting too much at work.

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