American dating indian man

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And the do you know what's the best thing about all of them ? But the sad thing is that these men complain about height, race etc they blame on the things they can't change and remain blind to their actual problems and look for their way around, which is whining.Think for a second what's the image that comes into the mind when these women hear Indian men ?No pajeet, the reason why no one likes you isn’t because you’re indian, it’s because you’re skinnyfat, don’t groom yourself and have 0 game. I knew I couldn’t make claims like that till I lost the gut, lost the accent and learned how to socialize.Unsurprisingly, once I did those things those problems went away.My hometown was a predominantly white, upper-middle class town, where I was one of the few brown people in my high school.I remember my very first high school crush, whom I'd met in the drama club.Good looking brown guys have a decent time dating in the US.It's actually to a point where some brown women are starting to complain about brown guys "only dating white women."Haha, those are lies! I'm a good looking brown guy, have a great job, own my house, car, workout every day, eat healthy, hobbies, social, etc, etc. I also see brown women dating white guys all the time now and never a brown guy with a white woman.

My dad never even taught me his culture, so I don't know anything about it. Let me tell you, fitness is pretty much universally attractive.

When was the last time you saw an Indian guy with good Jawline?

With a body fat below 15% , muscular or buff body, with a good sense of humor or good fashion sense?

Now since we have clear understanding of what is what, it's not all dark and bad news.

Hopefully there's light at the end of tunnel and I'm here to point that out to you guys.

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