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These particulars are not yet available for the reasons which he then gave.There have not, therefore, up till now, been any negotiations either with the German Government or with other Governments. and gallant Friend for the suggestion in the second part of the Question, which will be carefully considered.asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he is aware that the medical panel of the British Council have issued a pamphlet on penicillin for circulation abroad; and whether he will make it available to hon. The purpose of the Medical Bulletin is to keep medical circles abroad informed of important medical research work done hi the United Kingdom.Owing to the paper shortage only a few copies of each number are available for distribution in this country, but in view of the special interest taken in penicillin, several hundred copies of the number dealing with this subject have been printed for distribution to members of the medical profession in the United Kingdom. Culverwell) on 26th January, a copy of volume I has been placed in the Library.Is it right that even if an attempt at reconciliation fails, the wife's means of livelihood should suddenly be withdrawn without any effort being made to find out whether she is deserving of an allowance?

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The message to the House from the National Congress of Liberation held at Bari was, nevertheless, as an exceptional measure, accepted for transmission through official channels.

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether his attention has been called to an accident which occurred, on 21st December, 1943, at Mount Sorrel, Leicestershire, when an American army lorry collided with a stationary motor car causing considerable damage; and whether he has anything to report on the progress of negotiations to secure a proper recognition of liability in such cases. My attention has been drawn to this accident and inquiries have been made about it to the United States Claims Commission. asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether any progress has been made in discussions with the Portuguese and Spanish Governments about the shipments from those countries of wolfram to Germany. Friend consider that if the Foreign Secretary follows that course, it will not be possible to ask questions about it except by the undesirable method of interruptions?

As regards the second part of the Question, I would refer my hon. Would he consider the alternative course of making a statement at the end of Questions, especially as these Questions have now been on the Order Paper for a long time? The mis-sorting is that letters which should be delivered in Spain are sent to Germany. Member must realise that everything is not as efficient as the General Post Office here.

asked the Minister of Health whether he will give an assurance that arrangements will be made definitely permitting discharged Servicemen to regain possession of their homes and that they will not be prevented from doing so by virtue of any provision in the Rent Restriction Act. Friend will look at the reply I think he will see that those people can apply to the courts for an order. Friend that, at the present time, a Committee is sitting particularly to look into the Rent Restrictions Acts. Friend in correspondence, the points raised are receiving careful consideration and he is not at present in a position to make any further statement on them. Lady is conducting include the possibility of giving power to local authorities to compel estate agents and house agents to notify their vacancies to local authorities, so that they can give priority to the most deserving cases?

asked the Minister of Health whether he intends making it obligatory upon local authorities and landlords to give priority in leasing their houses to ex-Servicemen even though their financial position, on account of war-time activities may not be the same as that of the civilian. As my noble Friend has explained, in another place, the houses referred to are for the specific purpose of demonstrating alternative methods of house construction and ascertaining comparative costs. Gentleman think it is a pity that in these demonstration houses there is no sign whatever of any progress in smoke abatement, in spite of all the money which has been spent on research? Gentleman consider representations on this subject? asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether he is aware that the proposal to exact from Maltese civil servants on loan to Italian bases the sum of 2s.

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