Advice dating man older

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Resisting the “cougar” stereotype of older women wearing leopard print, drinking martinis, and ogling younger men, many women share their real stories of how younger men focused on and pursued . I have always dated men my age, and they were so set in their ways, Had so many resentments, hurt, anger etc. Older woman and younger man is the least successful of all pairings.

In getting to know an older person, you could even discover new interests.

For a woman wanting a family, she may choose an older man simply because she doesn’t need to worry about his ability to father a child.

Before you head down the dating path and start thinking about how to date an older man, think about you are considering dating older men.

Dating has its challenges and perhaps none more so than the added challenge of an age gap. Since it’s not a new thing, what is it about older men that attract women?

According to a 2012 study, over 4 and a half million married couples in the US had the male aged at least 10 years old than the female.

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