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Other animal species, whether domestic or wild, untrained or trained, are not considered as a service animal under the ADA Title III – like your gold fish or your pet hamster!

The only exception is a miniature horse, which is allowed as a service animal in specific situations.

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Ohio law permits an individual with a disability to use a service animal at their place of work.Therefore, if a person with a disability requires a service animal, which is not a dog, to accompany them to a public accommodation place, they are protected under this provision of the law in Ohio.Another Ohio law provision creates slight confusion as it relates only to the service dog.The Fair Housing Amendment Act prohibits any discrimination against a person with a disability in the terms of rental or sale of housing as well as in the provision of facilities or services of the housing.Under the Act, “discrimination” covers a denial of reasonable accommodation in practices, policies, rules or services, where such accommodation may be required to afford an individual with a disability equal opportunity to make use of a dwelling. Therefore, when a tenant with a disability requires the use of a service animal in a house, then the landlord generally will have to allow it, even if pets are prohibited or restricted in the apartment.

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