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Your courtship was happy and exciting (and often fast), but your marriage has been completely different.

You may feel desperately unhappy and lonely, and your partner isn’t even aware of it—even if you’ve tried to talk about it.

The person you had cherished has been transformed into a control freak, trying to manage every single detail of your life together.

No matter how hard you try, you can never do well enough for your spouse, even if you are successful elsewhere, such as in your work.

You nag, and you’ve started to dislike the person you’ve become.

The two of you either fight often or have virtually nothing to say to each other that you find meaningful.

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It is safe to say, though, that those distorted by ADHD symptoms sit squarely in “the worst of times.” Pain and anger abound.During the worst times, you can barely talk to each other.When you do, you rarely agree or see things the same way.You are frustrated that your spouse seems to be able to focus intently on things that interest him, but never on you.Perhaps worst of all, you feel intense stress from not knowing whether you can rely on him and feeling saddled with almost all of the responsibilities of the household, while your spouse gets to “have all the fun.” If you have ADHD, (or think you do), you may feel as if the person you married is buried deep within a nagging monster that lives in your home.

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