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AT&T today announced that it will increase its data caps—and expand enforcement—on home Internet service.As a result, more customers will have to pay overage charges for each 50GB they use beyond their monthly limit, similar to Comcast's data cap system.

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Customers will get a few warnings before being charged overage fees. AT&T's announcement went into some detail on how customers will be notified of overages: Beginning May 23, AT&T will update its online portal to let customers check their current usage data at any time.AT&T's blog post announcing the changes is titled "More Data, More Choices." AT&T also told Ars of the changes just before the announcement, saying, "Most of our U-verse home Internet customers will receive an automatic increase in their monthly data allowance, without having to do a thing: 250GB will increase to 300GB or 600GB, and 500 GB will increase to 1TB." Previously, AT&T said cap enforcement wasn't necessary outside of its DSL network "due to the greater capacity of the U-verse architecture as compared to legacy DSL." AT&T today told us that there are no changes to DSL data caps, which means some customers would still have to make do with only 150GB a month.That seems odd because the chart above shows that some users with DSL-like speeds of 768kbps to 6Mbps will get 300GB a month.So the thesis is playing out.” Cricket gonna have to do better than 3 MB/s unlimited. Botched up rollout of price increase and faulty communication and poor promos caught up with Cricket real fast ..should be evident from the non-event black friday and cyber week deals .It is understood that they want to give 4 lines for 0 and not 5. Meanwhile, https:// Braxton Carter earlier this month said T-Mobile is making big subscriber gains in the fourth quarter.

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